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Still a Long Road Ahead for Troubled TiremakerDespite posting the worst losses in the company’s 105-year history, things began to look up for the financially troubled Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. during a hectic early spring.

When in Rome

Anyone in this industry will tell you, when Pirelli does something, they do it big. Pirelli Tire North America’s (PTNA) recent rollout of four new tires was a two-week worldwide event, with dozens of enthusiast, tire and financial journalists and well over 100 North American dealers in attendance.

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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. received a one-month extension from its various banks to comply with loan agreement covenants that, among other things, would have forced the struggling tiremaker to make a $500 million contribution to its underfunded pension program. The extension was granted Mar. 5, two days before a temporary waiver was set to expire, and expires Apr. 4.

Time To Grow: New Home, New Products, New Focus Mannino Says Now is The Time

A year ago this month, Gaetano "Guy" Mannino, 45, became president and CEO of Pirelli Tire North America, and in a whirlwind 12 months he has reshaped Pirelli’s presence in North America. New headquarters and automated manufacturing in Rome, Ga., have given PTNA a fresh start. The end of its alliance with Cooper gave it

Half a World Away

Like his American counterparts, Tire Town Komaoka store manager Yuji Asuke puts in long hours – 12 to 14 Monday through Saturday. But unlike many one-store American dealers, Asuke pulls in $1.3 million in annual sales with just himself and two other full-time employees.

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‘A Transformational year’

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Famed Calif. Dealer May Disappear

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TIRES UNDER FIRE – AGAINContis, Generals, Dunlops and Firestones Eyed

Inside the Mystery: Michelin Gives Us the First Real ‘Look’ at Its Super Secret C3M

Michelin Gives Us the First Real ‘Look’ at Its Super Secret C3M

Advancing Technology

Advancing Technology High tech manufacturing has made inroads in many industries, and tiremaking is no exception. Though robotics has not displaced traditional tire building techniques on a large scale, it’s use is certainly growing. Making a tire is a labor-intensive process for a variety of reasons. A tire consists of many individual components that all