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Protecting Customer Information: the Safeguards Rule

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enacted Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information on May 23, 2003. By now, most dealerships should have implemented their information security programs and taken steps to ensure compliance with the Safeguards Rule. If you have not, we recommend taking steps to get in compliance immediately. If you have, it’s still important

Getting an Accurate Business Valuation

If you’re conscientious about financial reporting, you may already have a sense of your company’s worth. But in some instances you might need a formal business valuation, such as: • For certain transactions. Selling your business? Planning an IPO? Need financing? • For tax purposes. Includes estate planning, stock option distribution, and S Corporation conversions.

Cold Weather Brings Battery Sales Opportunities

If you live in the northern half of the country like I do, the hot summer will soon change to a cool fall. The leaves begin to change and the cold months of October and November will soon bring a rush of cold-weather battery performance complaints to your counter. Terminal VoltageIt’s imperative to remember the

The Real Effect of Speed, Load, Inflation and Age on Truck Tires

. These tables indicate the proper inflation based on load weight, but also are adjusted for various speed conditions.For every size commercial tire, there is a specific line item in these tables that lists the maximum tire load for inflation pressures typically ranging from a low of 70 psi up to 120 psi. The maximum

Providing Truck Tire Service for Fleets Small and Large

Purchasing and getting service on tires as a large national fleet is one matter, but how does the small-to-medium size fleet stand in the eyes of tiremakers and their dealer networks? Just how do the small-to-medium size fleets compete on price and "special" services vs. the big, national fleets with reported "extras?"  We researched what

New Technology Helps Super Wides Overcome Another Barrier

Traditionally, long-haul trucking fleets have cited a number of reasons for equipping their rigs with super wide tires: weight savings, improved fuel efficiency – even ride comfort. Being stranded on the side of the road with a punctured tire and damaged wheel has not been one of them.“When a driver is running super wides and

Today’s Medium Truck Tire Market – and a Look at the Future

Most truck tire market analysts believe that 2011 will be a much-improved year for medium truck tires. RMA is calling for an 11% increase in replacement truck tire shipments this year vs. last, and the OE side will be up 47%. But going forward, what do tiremakers see on the horizon and how will this

Tiremakers Offer Fuel-Saving Rubber – But Compared to What?

The green movement and the desire to save money at the gas pump have driven motorists to welcome fuel-efficient tires with open arms. Even in these penny-pinching times of slow economic recovery, if a set of tires can deliver real fuel savings, consumers are generally willing to spend a little extra up-front.

Tire Dealers Find Success With Mobile Apps

apps are more user-friendly in their simplicity. And while some apps exist simply to make money – the ones sold specifically to generate income, or to promote advertising, subscriptions and “in-app purchases” – the types currently used by tire dealerships usually focus on branding, customer service or marketing. These apps typically are free to the

As TPMS Evolves, Technology Expands Into Commercial Segment

No federal mandate exists for TPMS in the trucking industry, but that hasn’t stopped TPMS manufacturers and marketers from keeping busy developing technology for over-the-road rigs and much larger equipment, such as earthmovers.Operational costs will be a driving factor for TPMS to blaze a trail into the above-10,000-pound vehicle markets. After all, it’s no secret

Product Spotlight: Tire Storage

Solutions to tire storage range from simple steel racks that hold one set of tires to elaborate vertical carousels that can store more than 100 tires. Choosing the right tire storage solution can reduce shop clutter, improve productivity and enhance worker safety. Portable storage racks on wheels combine the option to display inventory with easy

Six Internet Marketing Investments Worth Making

My team has regular discussions around the office about what we think dealers should be doing with their websites and online marketing efforts. We certainly do our fair share of griping, mostly because it’s difficult to get our message across above all the noise that is coming at tire dealers.