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Make the Most of Your Space With Proper Tire Storage Solutions

To stack, or not to stack, that is the question. Unfortunately, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, while contemplating his future existence, didn’t give tire dealers insight into storage systems to help them free up floor space or streamline inventory appraisals. Hamlet’s soliloquy completely ignored the fact that dealers could sleep and, perchance, dream, but still needed to get

Driving Tires on the Edge? Or Does It Just Feel That Way?

62.JPG” border=”0″ ” align=”right” alt=”uhptires that excel in wet handling may give unprofessional drivers the false feeling that they are about to lose grip when cornering in the dry. this is due to a lack of soft lateral firmness, rather than shortcomings in dry handling. “/>That doesn’t make them bad tires. Far from it, as

Use Cause-Related Marketing to Boost Sales

If you’re looking to increase your dealership’s exposure in your local community, a cause-related event is virtually guaranteed to get some much-desired exposure, help you earn the trust and respect of your current and potential customers – and, not to mention, help out a great cause.Whether you’re supporting a local organization, a national charity or

Web, E-Newsletter, Magazine: Read All About It Everywhere

All men (and women) may have been created equal, but that is not the case with tire industry news. If that news is about you and your business, it’s the most vital information in the world. If it’s about one of your suppliers or a competitor, then you’d be rightly interested. A new product or

Aeolus and Alliance Set to Expand With Green Production, Enhanced Products

Aeolus Tyre Co. Ltd., based in Jiaozuo, Henan Province, is working hard to separate itself from what its leadership describes as the typical Chinese tiremaker stereotype. Ranked the fifth largest tire manufacturer in China in terms of sales – and the country’s top tiremaker in 2010 in terms of growth – Aeolus is a true

Updated Goodyear Assurance Gets 16-City Launch Demo Tour

Goodyear’s new Assurance TripleTred All-Season is hitting the road – literally – by em­barking on a grueling 16-city tour to support its official launch.First shown at January’s Goodyear national dealer meeting in Dallas, the Assurance TripleTred All-Season will take center stage at a dealer-centric roadshow that kicked off in late July with a special event

August 2011 Sales Intelligence

Covering Anchorage, Alaska; Casper, Wyo.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Kansas City, Mo.; New York, N.Y.; and Sacramento, Calif., retail tire markets during the period of July 25-29. Tire Review and InteliChek present up-to-date tire and service price information from U.S. metropolitan areas.For this monthly feature, InteliChek directly contacts a selection of independent tire dealers, mass merchants and

Downsized Car Dealer Reinvents Himself With a Tire Dealership

his. Poulin described GM closing his franchise as, "A horrible thing to go through, yet it strengthened me a lot." He explains his resolve this way: “I’m a young guy, I’m 46 years old. People told me you’re going to come back. Their support strengthened me. I chose to be the victor and not the