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Head Scratchin’ Time: With Winter Behind Us, Here’s a Few Items to Start Your Spring

Last year, I threw you a curve with the odd tale of the shape-shifting tire. There were certainly enough clues that it was a Sid Finch job, but to clarify once and for all: It was a fake! April Fools! It’s April again. Time for a foot of spring snow, a holiday break and some

Advertising ROI: Image is Everything, But Profit Power is in Numbers

In many independent businesses, advertising gets a bad rap. When times are tough, it’s the first to go. When times are tremendous, it’s the last priority. Any business expense without an immediate, noticeable return won’t make the top of a tire dealer’s to-do list, especially when that list is miles long, crammed with the hundreds

Tighter Squeeze: Low-Cost Options Add Pressure, But Private Branders Remain Strong

What do you do when all around you is chaos – a shrinking market, harsh price-based competition from overseas, lost domestic business and predictions of an early demise? U.S. private brands have seen this movie before, back when the first Japanese-produced tires hit these shores and again when South Korean tires made their way here.

Settled, But Not Settling: Turmoil Passed, CTNA Focus Shifts to Building Brand, Rebuilding Dealer Trust

Plant closings, union battles, multiple management changes, low fill rates, irate dealers, shifting directions…the last five years have been difficult for Continental Tire North America. But, the past is the past. Since the appointment of Continental AG CFO Alan Hippe as president and CEO of CTNA in May 2005, CTNA officials point out, progress has

Myth Busting?: OEM Engineer Dispels (and Adds Fuel to) TPMS Myths

Myths are fine if you’re teaching mythology. However, they are a pain in the bay for the automotive aftermarket, especially when dealing with new components like tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). With every new technology, there are inherent learning, maintenance and problem-solving issues. Also, there are accompanying apprehensions and fears. Some concerns are valid; others

Turning Stock to Rock: Bolt-on Lift/Lower Kits Simplify Installation, Drive Big Profits

How many times have you worked on a vehicle that has a modified suspension, either lifted or lowered, and wondered if you could perform that kind of work in your shop? This issue will take you through the steps needed to lift a Nissan Titan and install a set of tires and wheels for a

State of Readiness: Lead Weights Clearly on the Outs, But Timetable is Hazy

Despite rumblings from various industry bodies, the wheel-weight world will eventually become lead free. It will happen, but when? Europe has banned all lead wheel weights, and so has Japan. In fact, every automobile being imported to the U.S. from those ports are totally lead free. To that list add General Motors, which has jumped

Pnuematic Tools; Belts/Hoses

  Durability Tops List When Shopping for Pneumatic Tools The last thing anyone needs in a fast-paced work environment is a broken or otherwise out-of-service tool. That’s why shopping for a new impact wrench is so important. With every supplier offering cutting-edge technology, it’s no longer so much about tool features as it is tool

Letters to the Editor

TPMS Boondoggle I was reading the TPMS article in your February 2007 issue and was confused as to why was the last paragraph about mixing tire sizes on AWD systems was thrown in. It had absolutely nothing to do with TPMS. I also disagree on the comment in the next to last paragraph that all