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Letters to the Editor


TPMS Boondoggle
I was reading the TPMS article in your February 2007 issue and was confused as to why was the last paragraph about mixing tire sizes on AWD systems was thrown in. It had absolutely nothing to do with TPMS.


I also disagree on the comment in the next to last paragraph that all tire brands must match for the TPMS to work properly. As stated in previous articles – and I agree – TPMS only senses tire pressure, not revolutions, not size, not brand.

I have read all that I can get my hands on the subject of TPMS. I don’t mind that there are multiple manufactures of these pressure-monitoring systems, but they should have been interchangeable and more user friendly from the start.

Sure, that may be the ultimate goal. Meanwhile, I, as a tire dealer, must deal with it. The American public does not need another “boondoggle” around its neck that costs more than can be afforded or maintained.
Dave Richards Jr.
Canton Bandag Co.
Canton, OH


We feel your pain on the whole TPMS issue. To clarify, though, different brand tires – even if they are the same size – can vary ever-so-slightly in OD. While that is not a major concern with direct TPMS, with indirect systems that read tire pressure based on revolutions per mile, the size difference can pose a problem – one most dealers wouldn’t want to troubleshoot.

We might have been more clear without taking a side trip to discuss how aspect ratios impact traction-control systems. – Ed.

A Good Read
Excellent article regarding OTR demand/supply (IQ Tires, February 2007). It was accurate, timely and informative. You had quotes from the right folks, and the message was well written. Keep the passion!!
Bob Joyce
Senior Corporate Account Manager
Bridgestone/Firestone OTR Tire Group
Nashville, TN


Tread Depth Policy
I wanted to write regarding your recent columns on the tread depth issue (First Off, November 2006, March 2007). We have had that policy for years. What’s 1/32 or 2/32 when it comes to saving a life or major injury. Let’s put in this way: you get in a major accident, you’re sitting in the hospital and you say, “Damn, I should have replaced those tires.”

But when we first bring it up to some customers, they just want to save the money and let the tire just wear out. Go figure!
Alpio Barbara
Redwood General Tire Service
Redwood City, CA


Cap It!
I have been a store manager for many years and read Tire Review each month. I enjoy your articles. But in the March 2007 issue, I read about the new General branded winter tire on page 10. It was a very good article, but I have a serious problem with the picture. It is one of my real pet peeves.

In the picture of the new tire, I noticed that there was no valve cap. It shows a very nice-looking tire and wheel, but there is no valve cap!

Please, make sure there are valve caps on your tire photos, or it will look unprofessional.
Dan McClain
Store Manager
Jeff Pohlman Tire & Auto
Middletown, OH

While it was neither our car nor our tire, we hear you. From now on, we will carry spare valve caps with us on product introductions. – Ed.

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