Yokohama Tire Corp., Author at Tire Review Magazine
Unique Tread Design Gives CUV Tires a Quiet, Smooth Ride

Tires, like the Yokohama Geolandar CV G058, that are engineered for CUV performance provide you with easy solutions to ensure customer satisfaction in those all-important “creature comfort” areas.

yokohama geolandar g058 tread quiet ride
Designing CUV Tires for Confident Winter Traction

Tire manufacturers, like Yokohama Tire, have engineered products with best-in-class winter traction specifically for CUVS.

Creating Long-Lasting Tread Life in CUV Tires

A tire with long-lasting tread characteristics, matched to a specific application, can mean the difference between a satisfied or dissatisfied customer.

yokohama geolandar cv go85 compound and belt package
Engineering CUV Tires for Superb Wet Traction

Some tire manufacturers, like Yokohama Tire, are tapping into the this market with fitments specifically for CUV applications to deliver on customer expectations of wet-weather performance.