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yokohama geolandar g058 tread quiet ride

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Unique Tread Design Gives CUV Tires a Quiet, Smooth Ride

Premium CUV owners prioritize comfort in their ride and expect their tires to help achieve it. Low tire noise ensures a comfortable, enjoyable driving experience for customers—pointing to the need for a proper fitment to reduce vibration, and boost handling and ride quality.

Tires engineered for CUV performance provide you with easy solutions to ensure customer satisfaction in those all-important “creature comfort” areas.

Reliable, quiet tires instill confidence on the road, so your role in educating customers on tires engineered with those attributes is paramount. When you take the time to ask customers about their driving style and performance priorities, you can deliver on their expectations by making the right tire recommendation for their application, garnering their ongoing trust in the process.

Market Factors

CUVs are the fastest growing segment in the automotive industry, and dealers need a tire they can turn to that will fit the needs of today’s CUV drivers—those discerning customers who expect the handling of their vehicle to match the price tag.  

Most tire noise is created by the tread, specifically how air escapes through the voids (or non-rubber areas) of its design as the contact patch meets the road. The placement of those voids and sipes can impact the sound generated as a vehicle travels down the road.

Some tire manufacturers, like Yokohama Tire, are tapping into this market with fitments specifically designed with the above attributes for CUV applications—featuring a wider range of sizes—to deliver on customer expectations, which include a quiet ride.

Achieving a Quiet, Comfortable Ride

So, what elements aid in the ability of a tire to provide a comfortable and quiet ride?

Tire design plays a key role. In particular, the pitch sequencing is critical to reduce the perceived tire noise. It is the arrangement of slightly different sizes of tread blocks around the circumference of the tire. This setup distributes the noise generated by the tread block geometry over a range of frequencies in order to make the noise less tonal and more like “white noise.”

Multi-pitch tread patterns reduce road noise to ensure your customers will have a quiet ride.

yokohama geolandar g058 pitch sequencing quiet ride
Yokohama’s Geolandar CV G058 features a five-pitch block variation where the tread features are staggered in a five-block sequence that reduce pattern and road noise for a smooth, quiet ride.

This is achieved on Yokohama’s new premium, all-season CUV tire, the GEOLANDAR CV G058 with:

• A five-pitch block variation where the tread features are staggered in a five-block sequence that reduce pattern and road noise for a smooth, quiet ride.
• A higher pitch count (74 in total) that equals a quieter ride.

The sound of silence is bliss. For you, this typically means the customer was happy with their tire purchase. For customers, it means a quiet, enjoyable ride. Take the time to educate customers on tire attributes such as a comfortable, quiet ride to not only gain their complete confidence in the products you sell, but also in you—the dealer who sold them. And this elevated level of trust results on-going customer satisfaction and repeat business.

When your CUV customers come to you and ask for a reliable tire, you can confidently recommend the GEOLANDAR CV G058, precisely engineered for a quiet, smooth ride on CUV applications.

This article was sponsored by Yokohama Tire. For more information, visit yokohamatire.com.

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