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The Most Important Element in Gaining Customer Loyalty for Your Tire Business

Many tire and auto service businesses fail at this critical component, but with a few tweaks, you can rise to the occasion.

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Profit Drivers: Understanding What Really Brings Value to Your Tire Business

The average employee may not understand what the primary drivers of your business’ profitability are. Consequently, their ability to do something to support it is severely compromised.

The Tire Discounting Dilemma: Customers Want Them, But They Can Ruin Profitability

Every tire business owner agrees that discounting hurts their profitability, yet their sales associates routinely do it. Why is that? Steve Ferrante of Pinnacle Performance explains why and how to prevent your sales staff from doing this common practice.

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Why Champions Don’t Have Time to Procrastinate

If you’re a procrastinator, there’s a really good chance you’ll plan to click on this article later. But you won’t.

How to Raise the Bar on Sales at Your Tire or Auto Service Business

How do you set the bar for high performance at your tire and auto service business? Start by implementing these six tips.

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Five-Star Mediocrity: If You’re Not Creating Positively Memorable Experiences, You’re Not Creating True Customers

Specializing in training for independent tire/auto service businesses, I normally steer clear of new vehicle dealerships for tires or service work for my personal vehicles.

Passion Powers Performance: Does Your Team Have It?

Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, said, “People with passion can change the world.” A bold statement for sure, but perhaps you’re not looking to change the world. Perhaps you’re just looking to create a more successful tire/auto business.

The Top 5 Blunders of Tire Dealers

In my work, I provide training and consulting services to tire dealerships across the country. I also provide training based on what we hear when recording and monitoring inbound calls and customer interactions.

6 Vital Factors for Successful Sales Staff Training

There is no doubt that a well designed and effectively executed sales and customer service training program can dramatically improve the results of your tire and auto service business.

Sales Lessons from SEMA

Tradeshow tips to help better your business.

How to Fail

If you’re familiar with my Pinnacle Performance Training or you’ve been reading my columns in Tire Review over the past several years, then you know my focus is on success – creating a winning sales, customer-service and workplace culture that both differentiates and elevates independent tire and service businesses above and beyond the competitors. But

The Five Ws

Any sports coach worth his whistle will tell you that you must first learn, practice, and master the fundamentals if you’re going to be truly great in your sport. That same philosophy is true of your tire business: your sales and service team needs to learn, practice, and master the fundamentals of customer service if