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Online Visibility = Free Advertising

Given the significant upsurge in consumer reliance on search engines for initiating a business relationship, no dealership can afford to ignore SEO and online marketing.

Is It Really Too Expensive?

How many times have you encountered a new piece of equipment that you might use in your operation and asked about the price before investigating much further? Perhaps the “sticker shock” turned you off, or you soon stopped listening from that point forward. Quite often you are on the other end of that conversation.  You

In the Mood to Buy

Advertise to buyers searching for your services.

The Trump Effect: How Will the New Administration Impact the Tire Dealer?

As we embark on the new Donald Trump presidency – where many anticipate a business management style of governing, it is an interesting exercise to try to discern what changes will occur and how they will impact the independent tire dealer.

Eavesdropping Strategy: Twitter

It is easy to dismiss social media  as a bunch of individuals who generally chat about things as mundane as their kids’ soccer games and swapping cute cat videos. The problem with social media is that the connection is not obvious as to how it relates to street-level retail. But, to dismiss it because you

Facebook for Marketing

With over a billion people globally logging on to Facebook on a daily basis, it’s surprising that relatively few tire dealers give Facebook much consideration when it comes to their digital marketing. Today if you can identify a specific audience for your product or service, you can be sure that the audience is on Facebook.

The 12 Google Sins

  Question: “Where do you hide a dead body?” Answer: “On the second page of Google.” Only 10% of people go on to the second page of Google. Because of this, the temptation to cheat to get on page 1 is significant. Google does not like people to cheat. Its punishment, short of banning you,

Google: Changing the Rules

In a world where more than 80% of prospective consumers will see your ad but still look you up online before calling or visiting your dealership, an ad placement in a local Google search is critical. A local search is triggered when someone types in “tires” and the name of the city in which you

Drafting Your Fantasy Team

The only ticket to growth is freedom. The only ticket to freedom for an entrepreneur is a team you trust to follow your business vision. Established businesses fall into certain ruts. Things are moving along and people on your team will leave while others are hired. This can become routine and done without a lot

Advertising is a Click Away

In the past, you could run an ad for tires or a service special and customers might call or come by. Today, you run an ad and, before coming by, they are far more likely to check you out online first. Moving forward this is unlikely to change, so plan accordingly. U.S. businesses spend $360 million

Marketing is Everywhere

Marketing is less a position or function than it is a philosophy. The core of that philosophy is your vision for your company – and no one else’s. Every decision you make relating to your company image represents your Marketing Department. If you are pressed for time today, here is a very short version of

Inverse Marketing

Every tire business relies on marketing, but times are changing. Imagine lower-cost, more impactful messages reaching people who may have never even heard of your shop. Marketing is a process of you telling people how good you are. It is a well-established practice, and has been effective for decades. But today something called “inverse marketing”