Heather Blessington, Author at Tire Review Magazine
It’s a Wide Four-Screen World

Sounds complicated, but reaching media-surrounded customers takes better planning.

Marketing During The Off-Season

loyalty to your dealership. Create an email marketing campaign or Facebook ad campaign targeted to customers only in your ZIP code and promote it as an exclusive special for locals. For example, make Thursday “Community Day, Receive 10% Off,” or host “Get Out of the House Fridays” at the dealership. Historically, dealers who plan early

Leverage LinkedIn for Growth

Five ways you can utilize LinkedIn to increase your business today and build for tomorrow

Social Media and ROI

Word of mouth is the most powerful stamp of approval for any business.  If a company goes out of its way to serve you, you sing their praises. If a company bombs in your view, you scream it from the rooftops. Our personal opinions can be expressed on a global scale or on a micro-local

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

There is great mystery surrounding search engine optimization, or SEO. That’s because there is so much misleading information out there and way too many not-so-honest search marketing companies dialing for your dollars. Optimizing a website is not a one-time deal; it’s a continuous process that you must commit to doing on a regular (at least

Mobile Device Security Measures

With all the personal data your mobile phone contains, ask yourself: is your phone secure?

Mobile Device Security Measures

With all the personal data your mobile phone contains, ask yourself: is your phone secure?

The Reality of Social Media ROI

I’m going to level with you; there really isn’t some magic way to get the social media ROI you want (and think you need) as a dealer. Sure, all the data may be there in one form or another, but it can take one heck of a lot of merging and purging to attribute that one sale to that one click on Facebook.

Enhancing Your Social Marketing

It’s your business – can you afford to leave social marketing to your 14-year-old niece?

Time to Take On Twitter

Just about every dealer has a Facebook business page, but I rarely see dealers offer Twitter as a social media channel. If you have Facebook, you might as well work both popular channels to expand your social media reach. We recently offered to set up our clients with Twitter for free and got zero responses.

Expand Your Dealership’s Facebook Efforts with Promo Pages

Facebook has evolved to be at the heart of our online social life, and as a result it has become a place where businesses can openly communicate to customers on a whole new level. I believe Facebook is the most exciting and expansive marketing tool today for the powersports industry. At Duo Web Solutions, we

Web Analytics 101

Website analytics is one of my favorite topics. Not only because I am a tech geek, but also because the value behind the numbers is just so incredible. This is why I’m flabbergasted when I encounter dealers who say they don’t have time to review their stats. To me, ignoring your analytics is flying blind