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The Perfect Tires for Muddy Surfaces

BKT’s philosophy is always the same: there is a perfect tire for every situation. This also applies to muddy terrain. That’s why BKT tires that run in the mud have been specifically designed for overcoming various challenges. Those include traction on “sagging” soil, where grip is not uniform and the tire must self-clean quickly as

BKT Agrimax elos
Ridemax IT 692 (M+S) For the Harsh Winter Season

BKT has developed specific tires to face the entire winter season – solutions designed not only to deal with muddy or snowy surfaces but also to provide maximum performance in normal conditions on dry soil, satisfying the different technical requirements depending on the surface and conditions of use. Both the tread and the compound have

BKT Ridemax IT 697
BKT: The Importance of Port Tires

In this video, BKT reviews how the everyday upkeep of tires used on port equipment is crucial to keep things running smoothly from the BKT Growing Together Center. This video is sponsored by BKT.

BKT Growing Through Challenges

The last 18 months during COVID has been a difficult time for many companies. For the tire industry, many raw material issues and shipping and logistic constraints have taken a toll, leading to problems with production and distribution. Many raw material suppliers had to shut down operations during the lock down. This hampered production and

BKT: Tire Maintenance Saves You Money

In this video, BKT reviews ways to maintain tires to protect equipment and improve your customer’s bottom line from the BKT Growing Together Center. This video is sponsored by BKT.

Tire Tracking and Proper Maintenance Prevent Downtime

Proper tire care is a very important part of improving a company’s bottom line. A tire maintenance program can lead to huge savings in the long run. Tires are the third largest operating cost for heavy equipment, so it is essential to take care of them properly. Downtime costs time and money, so it’s just