The Perfect Tires for Muddy Surfaces

The Perfect Tires for Muddy Surfaces

BKT’s philosophy is always the same: there is a perfect tire for every situation. This also applies to muddy terrain. That’s why BKT tires that run in the mud have been specifically designed for overcoming various challenges. Those include traction on “sagging” soil, where grip is not uniform and the tire must self-clean quickly as well as being tear-resistant to offer maximum safety and control when driving.

The tread design of these tires is more aggressive, for greater grip and to drive through mud, thanks to higher and better-spaced blocks. These allow the tire to dig deep, facilitating grip, while the wider spacing helps with self-cleaning, an extremely important feature when working on muddy surfaces and terrain.

There are various agricultural machines – from tractors to sprinkler systems, passing through telehandlers – which have to work on slippery soil, and BKT has developed specific ranges for these applications.

The range starts with the Agrimax Elos, designed for tractors operating on wet and boggy terrain. This tire has been designed to ensure excellent traction even in the most complex working conditions, such as rice fields, as well as excellent self-cleaning thanks to the extra-deep tread. The sides of this tire are also equipped with sidewall protectors for maximum safety and protection against any impact or damage. It is available in eight different sizes.

Pivot sprinkler systems also often work in mud, and BKT has developed the Agrimax RI 818. In addition to working at low pressures to reduce soil compaction and preserve crops, this tire ensures excellent traction, which is essential when operating in fields in wet and humid conditions, typically related to this application. The tread pattern also offers exceptional self-cleaning capabilities and greater stability on hillside applications thanks to its directional design. It is available in two sizes: 280/85 R 24 and 320/85 R 38. The latter has a deeper block when compared with the traditional diagonal irrigation tires, for better grip.

The same characteristics also apply to the TR 117, a bias tire for irrigation applications with a central pivot, available in four sizes: 11.2 – 24, 13.6 – 24, 14.9 – 24 and 11.2 – 38. The TR 177 also features a special tread pattern that increases grip and allows for excellent self-cleaning.

Two other machines that often face wet and humid terrain are multifunctional telehandlers and spider excavators, which are used to clean and maintain agricultural trenches prone to yield. For these applications, BKT suggests Con Star, which guarantees great performance under any conditions thanks to the firm grip, due to the large lugs which increase the contact area with the ground below. The cut-and-chip resistant compound also guarantees resistance and durability, while the diagonal design avoids lateral slippage, even when fully loaded – a fundamental element for these applications. Con Star has a load index of 168 in the 440/80 – 24 size, which means that it can handle loads of up to 5,600 kg without losing stability. This tire is available in 11 different sizes.

It is not only tractors that do the “dirty” work, but there are many different machines that must do their best even on the most difficult terrains, such as mud.

BKT tires are designed to meet all the needs of agricultural businesses and are created on the basis of direct feedback from farmers, to help them overcome their everyday challenges. This is BKT’s philosophy.

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