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What you can and can’t repair on a flat tire

Regulations should be followed while performing all tire repairs to ensure your customer’s safety after sending them on their way.

What Do You Charge for a Tire Repair?

Independent tire dealers share how they price out a tire repair in their respective markets.

Why You Should Replace Control Arms and Bushings in Pairs

Some customers’ tires can wear out prematurely because suspension geometry is not being maintained over bumpy roads or going around curves. Experts say control arms on modern vehicles have two primary responsibilities: control and isolation. In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we’ll discuss the importance of replacing control arms and bushings when

TRIB Offers Free Copy of Industry Best Practices for Tire Retread & Repair

The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau is offering a free book on best practices for tire retreading and repair. 

tire retreading repair best practices TRIB
Passive Wheel Speed Sensors

The passive wheel speed sensor has been around a long time. It works quite different than the active speed sensors that are found on most cars today. The passive speed sensor creates its own AC signal that changes frequency with wheel speed. This signal is only present while the wheel is turning at a rate

Drum Brake Service

Although four-wheel disc brakes currently dominate the brake service market, millions of drum brakes are serviced each day in independent tire dealerships. Thanks to their age, many drum brakes present problems, usually related to normal wear, extended age and mileage. Because an incorrectly serviced drum brake can cause noise, pulling, grabbing and pulsation complaints, we