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Creating Solid Inspection Processes at Your Shop

Want the best inspection process possible? Make sure you have the right technology first.

Vehicle Inspection
CEMB’s Expansion in the US & its Wheel Balancing Roots [Audio]

When it comes to tire equipment, your mind can spin at the many options to choose from in each category. Each company makes a wheel balancer, tire changer, aligner or inspection equipment their own by adding certain features aimed at helping tire shops save time. One company in this space that specializes in wheel balancing

Whats-Treading-CEMB-David -Martin
Cooling System: Hose Inspection and Replacement

Radiator hoses, as well as heater and bypass hoses, are a part of a very complex coolant distribution system that is designed to regulate engine temperatures within a very precise range. Internal combustion engines create heat in the process of generating power. The heat must be precisely controlled or the engine will fail. The radiator

Stretch Belt Inspection and Installation

If you see a belt that does not have an automatic tensioner and runs between only two or three components, it’s probably a stretch belt. You may also notice some belts will have the word stretchy or stretch written on the back. A stretch belt can last 100,000 miles or more. On a worn belt,

3 Things To Know Before Inspection Lane Installation

Tire Review’s Maddie Winer explains factors to consider before installing inspection lanes, from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio at Babcox Media.

CEMB USA Introduces 5-Second Touchless Wheel Alignment Inspection System

CEMB USA has introduced the ARGOS InstaCheck touchless alignment inspection system.

ARGOS Touchless Wheel Alignment Insoection CEMB USA
New OTR Inspection Help from Bridgestone

For customers in the mining, construction and aggregates industries, Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is offering two free inspection resources.

Staying Safe At Work

Well-run tire dealerships all have one basic thing in common: workplace safety as a foundation. Unsafe working conditions are likely one of the top preventable issues that can cost a shop such a significant amount of time and money – or worse, injury or death.

Pennsylvania Bill Adding Recall Checks into Safety Inspections

Pennsylvania is exploring a bill that would add recall checks to routine safety inspections. Pennsylvania House Bill (HB) 2297 would require state vehicle safety inspections to include a review of any potential safety recalls using the vehicle’s VIN number. If an issue is found the shop must notify the owner of the National Highway Traffic