Creating Solid Inspection Processes at Your Shop

Creating Solid Inspection Processes at Your Shop

Want the best inspection process possible? Make sure you have the right technology first.

In your shop, time is of the essence. With cars in and out of your bays on a day-to-day basis, you need the most up-to-date equipment that is reliable and will get the job done quickly.

That’s where vehicle inspection comes in. Let’s talk about the equipment and software you can have in your inspection lane in this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video.

Many things can be measured during a vehicle inspection, but many tire dealers concentrate on tire and under-car health. One thing that can help you create a solid inspection process at your shop is the right technology.

This includes some type of tread depth scanning device that will allow you to see the tread depth on each of your customer’s vehicles. Scanning technology lets you see tread depth readings in 32nds of an inch. This allows you to know the condition of your customer’s tires and whether or not they need or will need to be replaced at an upcoming visit. Knowing the condition of your customer’s tires leads to more service opportunities for your shop.

Another solid investment for a tire inspection lane is a way to check the alignment. In today’s tire market, a popular solution is alignment towers that can be placed on either side of a bay. As a vehicle is driven through a service bay, the towers take wheel alignment measurements without a technician touching the vehicle. Then, results are shown in seconds to shop staff through a software system, identifying which vehicles need an alignment and which ones don’t.

Having software that collects both tire tread depth and alignment readings is helpful when you’re looking to educate your customer about their vehicle health. You can show these reports to a customer and let them know where they’re at in the lifecycle of their tires and how well their car is driving.

Other vehicle components that can be looked at during an inspection include the brakes, suspension and steering. Under the hood, it’s good to take a look at the hood shocks, air filters and drive belts.

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