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GRI Expands its Presence in Europe

The company acquired Atra Kecskemet to bolster its presence in the European forklift market.

BKT Responds to Industrial Handling Challenges with MagLift Tires

Industrial logistical operations create numerous challenges for machinery operating in this environment and especially for the tires that equip them. Goods transport and handling require stability, traction, significant load capacity and a high level of driving comfort. For this reason, BKT is developing new compounds that are highly resistant to cutting and tearing, as well

Maglift Forklift-tires-bkt-tire
GRI Introduces Eco-Friendly Solid Rubber Tire

GRI has developed an eco-friendly version of its Ulitmate XT solid tire by replacing petroleum-based oil with natural oil.

Petlas Expands Forklift Tire Range

Petlas’ forklift tires range has been expanded to include 17 sizes and three patterns (HL10, HL30 and HL40).

Petlas Pattern Release
Camso Launches Usage Intensity Calculator

Camso creates a web-based usage intensity calculator that assists in the selection of tires for certain forklift applications and to reduce operating costs.