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BKT Responds to Industrial Handling Challenges with MagLift Tires

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Industrial logistical operations create numerous challenges for machinery operating in this environment and especially for the tires that equip them. Goods transport and handling require stability, traction, significant load capacity and a high level of driving comfort. For this reason, BKT is developing new compounds that are highly resistant to cutting and tearing, as well as ultra-heat compounds that can transport heavy loads, and at the same time, maintain an excellent TKPH (the average ratio between the weight transported by the machine and the km/h).

Among BKT’s tire ranges designed to improve the performance of modern forklifts is its MagLift tire line. The company says the line guarantees the best performance in terms of safety and load capacity, while at the same time ensuring excellent load distribution and stability. It is a solid tire designed to mitigate the risk of dangerous slippage even in the most extreme conditions, thanks to the steel wires that reinforce the structure of the product, BKT says. MagLift tires are characterized by a special compound that makes them particularly resistant to wear, tear and cuts. In addition, in order to ensure the comfort of operators, a softer compound has been inserted in the central part of the tire section offering excellent driving comfort.

In the line, the MagLift Eco is designed to guarantee outstanding stability and excellent load distribution. The tire is equipped with steel wires incorporated in the bead that offer maximum traction and prevent any type of slippage, BKT says. In addition, it is made with two layers of rubber compound and has a special shape and very wide lugs to guarantee outstanding stability and excellent load distribution. Among its distinctive features, there is also the special rim guard designed to protect it against damage and dents. Low rolling resistance and high resistance to overheating guarantee maximum efficiency, BKT says. MagLift Eco is available in the standard and “LIP” versions, the latter with an asymmetric bead to avoid having to add flanges.

The MagLift Premium tire has been designed for forklifts used for the toughest operations and comes with an extra deep tread to guarantee a long-life cycle, BKT says. Thanks to the particular design of the tread, this tire enables operators to count on excellent steering control and forward and lateral traction. The central grooving of the tread ensures low rolling resistance. The tire is available in both standard and “LIP” versions, the company says.

Besides MagLift, a particularly high-performing solution designed for forklifts is also LiftMax LM 81, the tire with an all-steel structure that guarantees maximum strength and robustness to the casing and low rolling resistance that translates into lower operating costs and a longer life cycle for the tire, BKT says. LiftMax LM 81 ensures excellent driving comfort, especially on long routes, essential for this type of activity and exceptional stability even at high speeds.

These specific products for forklifts join an already range dedicated to machinery and vehicles that carry out loading, compaction, construction, recycling, logistics, industrial and port handling, municipality, excavation, transport and intermodal transport operations.

BKT says its goal has always been to respond to the numerous and different needs of its users, by providing the right and specific tire for each operation. For this reason, the brand is constantly working to expand its range of tires that today has more than 3,200 products

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