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Hankook & Company Showcases Battery Products at AAPEX 2022

Hankook & Company, the holding company of global tire maker Hankook Tire, is showcasing its battery products for various automotive segments as well as next-generation prototypes at the 2022 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas. Hankook & Company says its Energy Solution (ES) business will showcase its lead-acid battery technology and a lineup of its latest

Bosch Offers SmartCharge Battery Chargers/Maintainers

Robert Bosch LLC has released a new line of SmartCharge Battery Chargers/Maintainers. Bosch SmartCharge Battery Chargers promote long battery life while delivering spark protection, overheating protection, reverse polarity protection and overcharging protection, Bosch said. The chargers will automatically switch between trickle and pulse modes, adjusting the charging algorithm according to the state of the battery.

Good or Replace? Testing Today’s Batteries

A weak battery, or one that is rundown, may not deliver enough amps to crank the engine when temperatures plunge and the oil thickens. While cold weather can be hard on batteries, so can hot weather because it increases water loss from the electrolyte inside the battery. That’s why batteries in hot climates usually don’t