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Hercules Tires Launches First Agricultural Tire

Hercules Tires will launch its first new tire for agricultural use. It will be available to commercial dealers in the United States beginning today. “The demand for ag tires is quickly expanding,” said Marshall Gillespie, Hercules Tires manager of commercial and specialty proprietary brands. “The goal is to meet the needs of the market.” According

Five Ways to Fight Ag Tire Stubble Damage

If you’ve been an ag tire dealer for any time at all, you’ve been asked by your farmer customers, “How do I prevent stubble damage?” While that may be a difficult task, follow these tips to mitigate it.

Ag Industry Experiencing Fallow

The agriculture industry in North America has hit some tough times. This has a trickle down effect to the ag tire industry. “Next year is going to be challenging,” says Tony Orlando, president of Bridgestone America’s farm tire unit. “As we move into 2017 and through 2020 we think the market will pick up again.