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Where do Dealers Get Service Parts?

In 2010, a large increase was seen in the number of dealers who said they got service parts from a local parts jobber – roughly 51% compared to 39% in 2009. The largest decrease was parts bought from tire companies, which fell to 5.1% in 2010 from 23.6% in 2009. Data from Tire Review 2010

Go Ahead and Wear It Out, It’s Your Issue

The stylized thumbprint on the stark front cover of this issue may seem an odd choice. But I can assure you the graphic selection was purely intentional. We could have gone a more traditional route with an altered photo or with cool icons as we have in past years. Perhaps a hand-drawn interpretation of the

2010 Market Influencers

 For the past 11 years, Tire Review editors have brought attention to the companies, people, issues, products and circumstances that we think will have a significant impact on the North American tire market in the coming year. Sometimes right on and sometimes dead wrong, but always enlightening, Tire Review’s annual Market Influencers has become THE

2010 Market Profile

There’s no doubt that 2009 was a frustratingly horrible year for everyone in transportation-related industries. For every business – from carmakers and their dealers to parts stores and tire retailers to mining and farming – the downturn meant decreased production, reduced sales and, in some cases, lost marketshare. Huge cost pressures and reduced consumer spending

2010 Dealer Profile

While the size and structure of today’s independent dealer has not really changed, the Great Downturn of 2009 had a harsh impact on how independent tire dealers are doing business, particularly in expense, promotion and hiring areas. Tire Review’s Tire Dealer Profile Study is the industry’s most comprehensive and extensive research effort. To compile this

2010 Consumer Profile

Buyers. Customers. The people who make your cash register sing. You think you know them. In fact, you count on that and the long-term business that kind of relationship means. But do you really know what they think? About you or the brands you carry? How they approach the tire and service buying experience? What

2010 Brand Study

Certainly tire dealers and the brands they represent and offer go hand-in-hand. Dealers depend on the “value” of the brands they sell, and tire companies depend on dealers to carry their branding and marketing message to the consuming public. For that relationship to thrive, tire brands must deliver the product quality, technical innovation, fill rate,