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2006 Brands Study

Tire brands are an important tool for tire dealers. They depend on the tire brands they carry to deliver customers – retail or commercial. But, how do those brands perform in the real world? For the 14th straight year, Tire Review’s annual Tire Brand Study measures tire dealer opinions and perceptions about the brands they

2006 Dealer Profile

Who is the typical successful North American tire dealer? Introducing Tire Review’s 2006 Tire Dealer Profile Study – the industry’s most extensive, most coveted research effort. To compile this year’s report, Tire Review surveyed hundreds of independent tire dealers throughout North America who took time out of their busy schedules to answer this important question.

2006 Market Influencers

Many play a huge role in this big old industry. But, which are the real movers and shakers – the real Market Influencers? Tire Review’s annual review of Market Influencers looks at the 10 people, products, issues and things that we think will have a major impact on this business over the coming year. Sometimes

2006 Market Profile

The North American tire industry was on an uptick in 2005, with shipments hitting record levels. And tire dealers enjoyed a lion’s share of the business. The question is: What will ever-shifting market forces do to re-shape the present and future of the tire industry? What’s up one day is down the next. It’s this

Treadwear 101

There is much to consider when purchasing tires – including brands, tread designs and casing types. Casing types fall into two categories of performance: hard (Tier 1) and soft (Tier 2). Original treadlife and casing durability/retreadability are the basic Tier 1 values, while ride/handling, traction, stone holding, casing size (for retread interchangeability and dual matching)