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Renewable Materials, New Combinations Improving Tire Breed

As a dealer, you are already familiar with the fact that renewable materials from plants are used in the production of some tires. Natural rubber, which comes from latex collected from rubber trees, is one of them. Another is rayon, which comes from plant cellulose. Rayon is used as part of the carcass, a reinforcement

Trailer Tire Segment Begins to Pull Forward After Downturn

After a down year in 2009, the trailer tire segment is heading back to its usual pattern of slow, steady growth. In the last decade, sales of trailer tires had grown year-on-year until last year’s economic downturn, where it seems no segment was left unaffected. As with all discretionary purchases, sales of trailers themselves –

The Real Art of Advertising: More Than Pretty Pictures and Catchy Phrases

ly work at “top-of-mind” consumer recall. Increasingly, though, tiremakers are using such long-term media to communicate more often and more directly with consumers. They inform customers of their new products and motorsport activities, educate about their product development process and quality, match customers to specific tires and dealers, and link up loyal customers and “leader”