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More Demands Placed on Today’s Batteries

Vehicles today are equipped with advanced electronics that demand greater dual-purpose performance from the vehicle’s battery. Traditional wet-flooded, openly vented batteries can be either starting-lighting-ignition (SLI) non-deep-discharging or a deep-cycle type that gives up significant cold-cranking amps (CCA). Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries promise longer life and greater capacity in the same size for starting

Modern Balancers Offer Advanced Features

Proper tire/wheel assembly balancing is important for vehicle safety. Balanced tires can mean the difference between a positive and negative driving experience. Especially in high-speed driving, improperly balanced tire/wheel assemblies can cause a vehicle to lose stability and operate in an unsafe – and uncomfortable – manner. Vibration, the most noticeable effect of imbalance, often

Options for Performance Brake Upgrades

Brake jobs are a good source of parts and labor income for tire dealerships. When brakes wear out, most motorists just want you to fix the problem and restore their brakes to like-new condition with OE-equivalent replacement parts. But in some situations, there may be an opportunity to sell your customer on the benefits of

Will Tire Case Toll the Final End to Personal Responsibility?

Product liability lawsuits are nothing new. Dozens of tire-re­lated ones are floating through our court system today. Many will be settled before they reach a courtroom, the details sealed for all time. Others will pass through without mention. And some will attract a ton of attention. A ton or two. Heart-crushing stories of tragic deaths

July 2010 Sales Intelligence

Covering the Lincoln, Neb.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Boise, Idaho; Memphis, Tenn.; Dallas, Texas; and Bangor, Maine, retail tire markets during the period of June 22-25, 2010. Tire Review and InteliChek present up-to-date tire and service price information from U.S. metropolitan areas. IE users – Right-click and select "Save Target As" For this monthly feature, InteliChek directly

Return to Double Coin Plants Shows Progress, New OTR and AG Plans

meet with Double Coin executives to get a sense of where the company is headed. Hosted by China Manufacturers Alliance (CMA), the group included Rick and Ryan Benton of Black’s Tire Service in Whiteville, N.C.; Dan Jensen of Love’s Travel Stops in Oklahoma City, Okla.; Verdo Gregory of Comm­ercial Tire in Fresno, Calif.; Art LeBlanc

Tire-Destroying Drifters Raise Tire Hungry Crowds – and Opportunities

Clutch drops. Trail braking. Line. Feint. Tansou (speed attack) and Tsuiso (chase attack). Oversteer.   Oh, and tire smoke. Lots and lots of tire smoke.   Drifters blend the entertainment of flash driving with the discipline needed to control a car at 11/10ths – just past the absolute limit of adhesion – and into a

From Plant to Store, Today’s Tires Must be in Balance

Round and black was once the acceptable way to describe a tire. Today, most are still black, but car owners demand that they must be a lot rounder. What the consumer really wants is a tire that not only is round or concentric, but also perfectly balanced with uniform distribution of mass. The evolving need

15 Ways to Persuade Customers and Boost Sales

Last month, we talked about the principles of persuasion. (click here if you missed it.) This month, I’ll show you how you can apply the principles of persuasion so you can be ethical and sleuth-like, and so you’ll always sell with integrity. The following are 15 ways to dramatically improve your persuasiveness. 1. Your Office,

With Changing Technology, OE Focus, Do Old Winter Tire ‘Standards’ Need Updating?

at will give drivers the capability to get out of their snow-covered driveway, hit the packed snow roads and conveniently get to the expressway.” While that seems to be a pretty basic application picture, it gets fuzzier when you consider other factors. For instance, even with the current loose definition, not all winter tires are

The Loss Control Imperative

Profitability increases the value of your company and provides the capital you need to invest in growing your operations. It should be your most critical point of focus. But perhaps an even more critical focus for a viable business goes beyond making profits to retaining profits.   Far too many tire dealerships end up operating