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(Between the Lines): Intercepted Holiday Letter From a Tire Dealer’s Wife

We all get them. The Holiday Update Letter from friends or relatives. They are usually over-the-top cheery, even for the holiday season, and provide interesting tidbits about how life is treating those closest to you, especially helpful if they live far away. Sometimes, though, a more honest assessment comes from reading between the lines, such

Still Slipping: November Sales Continue 2008’s Declining Trend

The bad news continues for tire dealers as the downward trend that started in the spring held out through November. Click here for December 2008 charts Preliminary November sales results from our nationwide panel of retail tire dealers show a continued falloff in tire and service sales for November 2008 vs. November 2007. Clearly, Consumers

Changes & Challenges: The Role of Wholesalers/ Distributors

Politics notwithstanding, change is the mantra these days. It is preached throughout the tire industry, and prominent on the platform is the vital link in the distribution chain: the distributor/wholesaler. In the late 1960s and 1970s, brands and brand loyalty were kings. Most successful tire businesses in the U.S. were neatly aligned with the North

Continued Growth: Ag Tire Market Still Strong Despite Economic Downturn

In 2007, U.S. farmers saw record crop prices and hefty profits. The nation’s growing demand for ethanol boosted the price of corn, while the reduced supply of other crops, like wheat and soybeans, fetched higher than average prices, as well. That strong income resulted in farmers putting their money back into their business through land,

Fast Flat Repair: Product Launched at SEMA Promises TPMS Compatibility

One can get overwhelmed visiting Las Vegas, not to mention hitting the SEMA and AAPEX shows. If a company has a new product or service, it’s hard to attract anyone’s attention, especially a potential customer or the media. The 2008 edition was no exception. However, there was one new product that caught the eye of

Changing Ideals: Why There May Never Be a Perfect Tire

When I was working in public relations for a major tire company back in the early 1970s, an older scientist with an impeccable track record told me it was sad that he now had to spend his days working on the radial ply tire. When I asked why, he said, “Because we were just beginning

Looking Ahead: SEMA Show Trends Point to Vehicle Customization Future

Last month, we ended the article with the prediction of a growing number of color and designs that allow for several years of production. Well, we hit it on the head. I haven’t seen that many color variations at the SEMA Show since the Tuner revolution of the early 1990s. Take a look at this

December 2008 Sales Intelligence

Covering Topeka, Kan.; Orlando, Fla.; San Francisco, Calif.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Columbus, Ohio; and Billings, Mont., retail tire marketsduring period of Oct. 28-Nov. 5. For this monthly feature, InteliChek directly contacts a selection ofindependent tire dealers, mass merchants and car dealers to obtaincurrent pricing on replacement tires and vehicle services. InteliChekrequests and verifies retail prices via