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Club 3633 Profile: Christopher Hayes

Christopher Hayes, 31 Business Development Manager K&W Tire A former boss convinced Christopher Hayes to join the tire industry three years ago, and he hasn’t looked back. Hayes travels around Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland servicing independent tire dealers for factory direct distributor K&W Tire. While it took about six months to really immerse himself

Club 3633 Profile: Brad Griffin

Brad Griffin, 29 Vice President and Operations Manager Griffin Tire & Auto Tire Pros Brad Griffin, a third generation tire dealer, didn’t always intend to join his family’s business. Griffin attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with plans of working in real estate. A bleak economy and bright opportunities at Griffin Tire &

Club 3633 Profile: Jason Espinoza

Jason Espinoza, 39 Sales Manager Tire Warehouse Beginning his career as a technician, Jason Espinoza’s natural gift for sales quickly took him out of the bay to behind the counter.  Today he is described as a “huge success” in his role as sales manager for a newly opened branch of Tire Warehouse in northern California.

Club 3633 Profile: Karthik Ulagappan

Karthik Ulagappan, 34 Production Control & Industrial Engineering Manager Bridgestone Americas, LaVergne Plant Karthik Ulagappan began working for Bridgestone Americas in 2008 after looking for “growth opportunity with a global company.” Working at the tiremaker’s LaVergne, Tenn., manufacturing facility, Ulagappan manages the PC/IE team to ensure the daily metrics are met, develops management control systems

Club 3633 Profile: Kary Gilkeson

Kary Gilkeson, 48 Manager of Workforce Development Toyo Tire North America Manufacturing Inc. Before joining the industry, Kary Gilkeson says she never realized how important tires were to a vehicle. “I truly was a typical consumer who bought something I thought was decent and could afford,” she recalls. “I never knew how critical tires were

Club 3633 Profile: Ed Gliss

Ed Gliss, 27 Subjective Test Driver Michelin North America Ed Gliss has arguably one of the most fun jobs in the tire industry. For the past several years, Gliss has spent his days in the driver’s seat conducting tests or in the passenger’s seat riding along with guests at Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds. He enjoys

Club 3633 Profile: Dr. Amy Randall

Dr. Amy Randall, 37 Manager of Innovation and Technology Development Bridgestone Americas Technical Center After earning her Ph.D., Amy Randall joined Bridgestone Americas as a polymer rheology expert. Her favorite element of the tire industry is how complex it is. “There are so many different performance requirements for tires in every segment,” Randall shares. “People

Club 3633 Profile: Jill Trotta

Jill Trotta, 47 Director, Automotive Group Jill Trotta got her start in the automotive industry more than 25 years ago. Over the years Trotta has worked as a mechanic at various shops and co-owned her own repair facility. Today, Trotta has transitioned to more of a “desk” job within the industry as director of

Club 3633 Profile: Dustin Lucius

Dustin Lucius, 28 Mechanical Project Engineer Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Dustin Lucius started his career in the tire industry as part of the University of Toledo/Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.’s co-op program. After working with the tiremaker for two years as a student, he joined the company full time just six years ago. Today,

Club 3633 Profile: Joaquin Gonzalez Jr.

Joaquin Gonzalez Jr., 36 President Tire Group International (TGI) Former NFL player Joaquin Gonzalez has been in the tire industry since birth, being welcomed into a 77-year family history in the industry. “I’ve done everything in this business,” he says. “From mounting tires, unloading and loading containers, billing, accounting, selling, payables, you name it. Ever

Club 3633 Profile: Lee Kanney

Lee Kanney, 33 Manager, Composite Materials Development Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Lee Kanney spent the spring and summer of 2002 working for Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. as part of a student co-op program and has been there ever since. As manger of composite materials development, Kanney develops new and improved rubber and reinforcement

Club 3633 Profile: Carson Cornelius

Carson Cornelius, 28 Branch Manager Statewide Tire Distributors Carson Cornelius began his career in the tire industry as a teenager, working his way up the ladder at Statewide Tire Distributors since graduating college in 2010. “Most of my confidence comes from countless hours of conversations with my father, who started our business,” Cornelius says. “He