Rick Schwartz, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Four Keys to Creating a Succession Plan That Works

Do you have a plan in place to ensure your business maintains its success after you leave?

Five Ways to Optimize Your Tire Business in 2021

If the majority of your days are spent on activities rather than strategy, you’re missing the opportunity to grow your business and plan for the future.

Is Your Business Growing?

Even if you’re not adding locations, your business should still be growing—changing with the times and continually adding value.

Private Equity: What It Is and Why You Need to Know

Private equity investors can be a positive force and helpful to the overall industry.

Questions to Ask About the Future of Your Business

The dramatic economic downturn has caused many to wonder if they should proceed with plans to sell or try to hang in there and wait until the U.S. economy comes back.

Business Health Check: What to Examine Every Year

Just as everyone should see his or her physician for an annual check-up, it makes sense to do the same for your business.

Business Succession Planning for Tire Dealerships

If you don’t have a succession plan or just want to be ready when it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, follow these tips to kickstart planning for your business’ future.