Dan Molloy, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Every Company Needs a Randy

A rock-solid commitment from a skilled auto repair and tire professional is always the move we need to make first.

The Source of Stress in the Auto Repair and Tire Industry

Most dealers, especially multi-store operators, find themselves under enormous stress every single day because they are responsible for driving the numbers.

Molloy Sales Group Gives Tips on Growing Your Tire Business Annually

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, how long you’ve been in business or how large of a business you run—to grow your sales, you have to find your “why.” That’s exactly what Danny Smith, owner of six Same Day Automotive Tire Pros stores in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area did.

Is Your Tire Business Not Reaching Its Potential? Here’s Why

Your dealership’s competitive edge may no longer exist thanks to the Information Age. So, how do you make your business stand out?

The Battle Of Trenton: The Power of Language and Effective Communication

What George Washington can teach you about leading your sales team.

Transforming a Tire Shop: How 4 Techs, a Driver Helped Grow Sales at Pat’s Auto Repair

Something magical is happening at Pat’s Auto Repair – Tire Pros. A big part of that difference came from the “Four Amigos.”

Pat's Auto Repair Tire Pros Sales Growth
Why Past Data May Not Drive Your Business Into the Future

Looking to the past while driving your business into tomorrow is like cruising down the highway using only a rearview mirror.

Business Past Data Help Plan Future
The Real Cost of Sales Training

When asked about the cost of sales training, the real question is, “What’s the cost of not providing effective sales training?”

Sales Training
The Need For “Why” Rediscovering What Moves You

You took the plunge 20 years ago. You are a business owner/operator. You, my friend, are living the American dream in all its glory.

How Business Results are Tied to Communication

Here’s a claim you can mull over and consider as you reflect on your own company: “99.99% of all companies have no standards for effective communication inside the business.”

You Are a Machine: The Robotic Nature of Tire Sales

As human beings we spend the majority of our day in “automatic” mode with our brains “programmed” with automatic responses. It makes perfect sense when you consider that our breathing, blood pressure, temperature control, heart rate and nervous system are all fully automatic.