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Is TPMS a Headache or Opportunity?

d see the value in the work performed. Rohlwing: Customers don’t understand and dealers need to explain. We should position the light being on as a good thing. It’s a signal that tells the driver that something is wrong and it needs to get serviced. Take the positive role and tell them how it works

Business Maintenance for Peak Performance

A good friend of mine has a wife who drove a leased SUV. One day about three months before the vehicle was due to be turned in, the engine warning light came on. She hadn’t been paying any attention and kept driving even as the temperature gauge was indicating hot. Then he got the dreaded

Success Starts at the Top

Even in ancient times the notion of teamwork was a difficult process. Take, for example, "The Iliad," Homer’s story about the ancient Greek King Agamemnon and Achilles, his best warrior. In the story, Agamemnon cares more about proving his power than he does about motivating Achilles to capture Troy, and nearly loses the Trojan War

How Safe Is Your Shop?

When I started asking dealers that question, the answers that I got were all across the board. Most answers usually started with a "yes," but after some discussion its ometimes changed to an "I think so." Finally, after digging a bit more, the response moved to an "I don’t really know." This could be a