Dave Crawford, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Improved Bay Productivity Maximizes Profitability

In the tire and service business, you make money through effective selling, controlling expenses and bay productivity. We present five tips that will help maximize bay productivity and, ultimately, improve your profits.

4 Steps to Securing the Tire Sale

Use these four simple steps as the foundation for any retail sale in your shop.

Tires vs. Service: Let The Data Speak for Your Future Profitability

By simply focusing on tire sales, you could improve your shop’s bottom line. This is proof.

Tires or Service Profitable Tire Business
Building the Proper Product Screen: Developing an Organized, Profitable Approach to Sales

Today, the computer screen has become the product screen. See how you can best optimize it for positive customer interaction.

Build Product Screen Tire Shop
The Art of Buying Tires: Effective Pricing Strategies

Many independent dealers are struggling with profitability today, simply focusing on tire sales to increase the bottom line. Yet it all starts with the top line, meaning more sales will result in more profits.

How tire dealers can price tires effectively
Chained to the Business: Ways to Detach and Enjoy the Spoils of Your Successes

Successful entrepreneurs believe they’ll be successful and are willing to risk almost everything in pursuit of making a living. What they often don’t think about is the time involved in running the business.

Chained to the Business
Finding Gold and Opportunities within the Pebbles

One of my favorite life lessons is that of a teacher who walks into a classroom and sets a glass jar on his desk. He silently places large 2-inch rocks in the jar until no more can fit.

Why Being Great on the Phone is the Most Important Tool in Your Business Toolbox

There are many important tools that we use every day in our businesses. There are literally thousands of wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, diagnostic tools and heavy equipment that are used to repair vehicles. Add to that computers, calculators, pens, credit card machines and a host of other items used in selling and processing invoices and collecting payments from customers. All of these are vitally important to running a successful tire and service business.

Standing Apart from the Competition

Break the routine to reach customers.

Controlling Payroll, Managing Productivity

Building a successful business is all about building your people. But do we do an effective job of motivating and rewarding them?

Knowing What Numbers to Watch

There’s an old expression that says, “If you’re not serving a retail customer, you’d better be serving someone who is.” I can’t take credit for that line, but have used it extensively over the years in this business. Everything starts with a sale, and if you’re not at the counter dealing with the end-user, then

Business Accounting: the Truth is in the Numbers

"Know the numbers…emotions don’t tell the whole story." I first heard this several years ago in a meeting with Bill Berry, president and CEO of American Tire Distributors. It struck home because it seems that so many tire dealers run their businesses by what they think is the right thing to do (emotions), and don’t