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What’s Important Now: CAMP Shows Dealers That Leading is More Than Being the Boss

Cooper’s CAMP Shows Dealers That Leading is More Than Being the BossLeft. Right. Left, right, left.

Faster and Even More Furious

  UHP BUSTS THE SOUND BARRIER Many of you reading this article are probably standing in the middle of the ITE/SEMA Show floor. Or soon will be. Around you are acres and acres of performance tires mounted on bright, shiny wheels. Huge diameters and short sidewalls. Practical performance and radical cosmetics. It’s not just that

Ride & Drives: Looks So Easy, but More Than Just A Little Planning Goes Into Ride & Drive Events

When dealers hear the term "Ride & Drive," they tend to think of their tire supplier hosting an event to show off its hot new product. The event is usually at some nice locale like Phoenix, Las Vegas or Orlando. Generally, the colder the weather at home, the warmer the event location. And, with luck,

Wet & Dry?

After Laboring in Europe, the R-1W Came to American Soil – With Success Multiple codes are used to define agricultural tires. R-1, R-1W, F-2, I-1 and HF-2 are commonplace in ag tire manufacturer, dealer and farmer circles. These codes are used to quickly explain which types of soils the tire should be used in (R-1,

Shifting into Overdrive

Looking to push the brand into "overdrive," Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. took 25 of its best Kelly brand dealers to Kelley’s Island, Ohio, in mid-June for what it dubbed a "major announcement."

Christmas in July: How Dealers Forecast Winter Tire Sales Before Summer

Now that it’s mid-July, it’s safe to assume tire dealers in the traditionally snowy climates of North America aren’t really paying all that much attention to winter tires. And why is that? Well, because most of them have already placed their winter tire orders, of course. That’s right, by now most dealers who handle winter

Side by Side

As has been done in nearly every meeting the company has had for the past three years, Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire’s (BFNAT) annual commercial dealer meeting – Bizcon ®€“ reinforced the idea that the tiremaker and its dealers need each other.

Private-ly Niched: Specialty Private Brands are on the Rise, Filling Niches Nicely

The perception is that the private brand market hasn’t always gotten the respect within the tire industry it deserves. Not because private brand tires are in any way inferior in quality and performance. But merely because they aren’t "major" brands. As any private brander will tell you, their tires are of the highest quality, at

Getting it Right: TCI’s Careful Selection of Dealers and Program Offerings is Paying Off

David Snyder, vice president of small tire marketing and sales, has been with Tire Centers LLC (TCI) since the company was formed in January 1986. Back then, TCI was focused on the commercial side of the industry – garnering less than 10% of its overall business from the retail side. All of that changed, however,

It’s in the Hole!

Getting involved in the golf tire market can be easier than getting out of a bunker "Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears." – Bobby Jones Many believe Bobby Jones’s statement should be amended to include all forms of golf, not just competitive. Still others side with Mark

The Open Road

The Open Road Even With Competition, Specialty Products, the Opportunities Are There Everyone likes their freedom. The freedom to go where they want, to do what they want, to enjoy themselves how they want is inherent in humans. One thing that has always been a symbol of freedom is the motorcycle. Motorcycles can take us

Fun in The Sun

What’s wrong with heading to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in the middle of February? Absolutely nothing as far as Tire Centers Inc. (TCI) is concerned.TCI held its sixth Great Escape incentive trip, this time in the Mexican resort town Feb. 17-21. In total, 121 dealer couples were able to attend.