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Time to Get Smart About Autonomy

Some say it’s crazy to think about self-driving cars becoming commonplace. But elements of automotive autonomy are fast being applied to nearly all new cars. And how the tires interact with the future driverless car is critical. It’s all about connections… Even with electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles, tires represent the four contact points with

Sumitomo Reveals Smart Tire Roadmap

Sumitomo is hard at work on the tire of the future with their “smart tire” roadmap, first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor show. Keeping tires in tip-top shape, enhanced safety, and improved material durability are among the major areas the company is researching to push the boundaries of what’s possible in tire technology.

Pirelli Debuts Smart Tire

Pirelli announced the new Pirelli Connesso, an intelligent, connected tire digital platform. The platform is integrated into P Zero or Winter Sottozero tires which communicates with the driver via an app, thanks to a sensor embedded in the internal wall of the tire.