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Michelin Announces Lineup for Future-Focused Conference

Michelin’s Movin’On 2017 summit, which takes place in Montreal June 13-15, is being promoted as “the world’s largest collaborative symposium focused on solving the planet’s most pressing urban mobility challenges.” On May 8, the tiremaker released its futuristic lineup for the event, with plans to feature “an unprecedented collection of vehicles and innovations designed to

Michelin Renames Challenge Bibendum, Schedules for 2017

Michelin Group’s Michelin Challenge Bibendum will be renamed Movin’on. The global summit for sustainable mobility is scheduled for in June 13- 15, 2017, in Montreal. Since 1992, Michelin has reaffirmed its vision of effective, sustainable mobility with the goal of helping people and goods to move about more efficiently. In 2017, the tiremaker wants to