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Bosch Launches Microsite, Contest

Robert Bosch LLC has launched BoschGasolineSystems.com, a microsite that offers information on Bosch oxygen sensors, fuel pumps and injectors. The site, designed for both consumers and technicians, includes videos and infographics about Bosch Oxygen Sensor history as well as content about the engineering behind Bosch fuel pumps and injectors. Between now and July 31, the

Meyle Offers Oil Change Kits Catalogue

Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG has revamped its Meyle oil change kits catalogue to feature 45 items for more than 4,000 vehicle applications. The catalogue also includes a list of all individual components required for a repair with their part numbers. The catalogue can be accessed via a digital version or Meyle’s microsite. Using the catalogue

Bar’s Leaks, Rislone Launch Product Recommendation Microsites

Bar’s Leaks and Rislone have each launched a mobile-friendly microsite to help shops find customers the best stop-leak or engine treatment products for their vehicles’ needs. Bar’s Leaks site – www.3minutemechanic.com – and Rislone’s site – www.risloneregimen.com – feature steps to help users identify a vehicle’s issues in plain language and based on that information,