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Maryland Bans Lead Wheel Weights

Maryland is now the 8th state in the U.S. to enact a ban on lead wheel balance weights, as Governor Larry Hogan signed the bill into law on May 4, 2017. First proposed in September 2016, Maryland’s lead and mercury wheel balance weight law is for all vehicles within the state, but there’s plenty of

Wheel Weight Update: Test the Waters for the Best Fit

Stocking wheel weights at your tire dealership is a no-brainer, but as the most inexpensive item installed on a new tire purchase, a dealer often overlooks his or her wheel weights options.

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Maryland Proposes Ban on Certain Wheel Weights

Maryland introduced a bill, HB1328, on Feb. 12, that would ban lead and mercury wheel balance weights for all vehicles within the state. If the bill passes, Maryland would become the eighth state to ban lead wheel balance weights. Minnesota was the most recent state to propose and pass a lead- and mercury-based wheel balance