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Arisun Introduces Two New Lawn and Garden Tires

ZC Rubber recently introduced two new lawn and garden tires in seven sizes to its Arisun brand: TF01 and TF11, which provide improved grip on undulating and flat lawns. Arisun says the TF01 has a non-directional pattern design so the turf-friendly tread will optimize grip with minimal wear. TF11 features “S” pattern to deliver traction

Getting into the Weeds: Lawn Mower Tire Solutions Add Opportunity For Profit

Just as a lawn needs upkeep, so do the machines that keep it looking pristine. And that’s where you – the tire dealer – come in to be the solution for your community’s lawn mower tire needs.

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Michelin Tweel to Supply Mean Green Electric Mower Line

Michelin North America’s X Tweel line is now available on select Mean Green Mowers ─ makers of the first all-electric, zero-turn-radius (ZTR) commercial mower.

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