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ACT Research: Class 8 Supply Still Rising Faster than Demand

The ACT For-Hire Trucking Index from ACT Research Co. has reported the supply of Class 8 trucks continues to rise faster than demand. Supply (capacity index) rose faster than demand (freight index) for the 8th time in 10 months in September, said Kenny Vieth, ACT’s president and senior analyst. “We have to go back to

Class 8 Orders Surpass Expectations, Classes 5-7 Rise

In ACT Research Co.’s State of the Industry report that covers Classes 5 through 8 in the North American market, Class 8 booked more than 24,600 new net orders while Classes 5 through 7 booked 15,900 net orders. “In July, Class 8 orders broke to the high side of expectations for the first time since February,

ACT Research: Heavy Commercial Vehicle Demand Strong

Class 8 orders did not disappoint in November, at 40,925 units, according to ACT Research Co. The research firm’s data indicated continued support for strength in heavy-duty commercial vehicle demand, while medium-duty orders stabilized after the annual school bus order surge. “Year-to-date, orders of 336,000 units are up 42.4% from last year at this time.

Commercial Vehicle Demand Healthy In September

According to the latest State of the Industry report by ACT Research Co., medium- and heavy-duty classes 5-8 orders were at healthy levels again in September. Total net orders for Class 8 were 24,842 units, up 31% year over year. Classes 5-7 net orders, at 19,486, rose to their third strongest level since early 2008.

Truck Orders Continue to be Strong

Both Class 8 and Class 5-7 net orders posted a gain in July, according to Act Research Co.’s State of the Industry report. Class 8 net orders were 30,103, while Class 5-7 net orders were 15,834 units. “While one strong month may be statistical noise or an outlier, the July orders fit into a robust