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Covering the Extraordinary

I’m sitting here staring at a six-inch thick file, jammed with news clips on the Bridgestone/Firestone (BFS) recall. I have read every word and listened to every press conference for four weeks straight now.. And I don’t even know where to begin. I’m sure you’ve followed this incredible saga as it’s twisted and turned, changing

The Truck Tire/Brake Relationship

The Truck Tire/Brake Relationship Modern trucks have evolved significantly in recent years. Depending on the vantage point of the assessor, today’s over-the-road rigs have been described as innovative, streamlined, incredibly reliable, or as merely highly evolved, electronically assisted versions of some aging basic designs. Most, however, would agree that today’s trucks move more of our

Capital Idea: Pieces of Equipment are a Big Piece of the Puzzle

Capital Idea Pieces of Equipment are a Big Piece of the Puzzle To the layman, the only two things needed to open a tire dealership are tires and customers. Too bad that’s not even the majority of the equation. A lot more goes into being successful. Things like quality service, quality technicians, advertising. And let’s