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A different perspective on TPMS systems and rules yields new questions that need answers

2013 Top Shop Winner: Community Tire Pros & Auto Service

Call it vindication. Or validation. Or even the cherry on top. For Community Tire Pros & Auto Service, winning the 2013 Tire Review Top Shop Award, presented by Ammco/Coats, is all of those things. And much, much more. “It means that what we’re doing is making a difference for our customers and our people,” says

2013 Top Shop Finalist: Tecnicentro Royal S.A. de C.V. – Tersa Llantas

In the early 1980s, Rodrigo Valle Hernandez had a dream to establish a tire dealership that would one day grow into a multi-chain store. With a deep passion to achieve that dream, his Tersa Llantas now has 30 tire dealerships and 65 Associate Alliance Tersa dealers throughout the northern part of Mexico. The store’s commitment

2013 Top Shop Finalist: Lex Brodie’s Tire Co.

It’s not entirely surprising that Alexander “Lex” Brodie lived an astonishing 98 years before dying in January of this year. His active life, strong business sense and ultimate success were exemplary – even legendary. He was called “one of Hawaii’s greatest entrepreneurs” time after time, and his life and accomplishments were well recounted in a

2013 Top Shop Finalist: Hornsby Tire & Service Center

Home may be where the heart is. But, with a family business, there’s plenty of heart in a company facility, too, especially when it’s the structural foundation of a rich family history. For the Hornsbys, that foundation has been incinerated by fire, haggled for in business deals, annexed in mid-reconstruction, and eventually relocated, suffering precarious

Truck Tires: Rules & Regulations

Wealth of government regs impact truck tires, but can dealers help meet requirements?

Technology Enhances Ag Tires

Improved flexion technology can help field performance, and enhance dealer standing

Read a Good Review Lately?

Magazine tire tests can be frustrating, but can also help dealers best help customers

What Really Wears Out Inside Shocks & Struts

When shocks and struts wear out there are almost no visual clues. When a unit is leaking, it is a sign of failure and not wear. Next to performing an autopsy or throwing the unit on a dynamometer, there is no conclusive way to determine if the internal components are worn to a point where

A World of Hard Knocks

The main reason why shocks and struts wear out is because they have a very hard life.

Street Competition

Finding the right DOT race tire for customers

What is Your Exit Plan?

Succession planning can help you and your business enjoy a healthy future