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One Way You Can Help

It’s not possible for any of us to return to our "normal" workaday lives. After the events of Sept. 11, the lives of so many will never be the same. Too much has happened to our world. Too much damage. Too much pain. The horrific loss of life, the suffering of innocents, the senselessness of

Treadwear Tales

Tires always tell a story. The danger is misreading the story and coming to the wrong conclusion about what might be causing the tread to wear prematurely or unevenly. All tires wear as miles accumulate, and all treads eventually wear down to the point where replacement becomes necessary to maintain safe driving, traction and handling.

Hot Tires and Cool Wheels

Hot Tires and Cool Wheels The tire and the wheel. Each is similar in that they’re round and are a major component of any vehicle. But while one is made of rubber, the other is metal – steel, aluminum or an alloy. One costs more than the other, and one may never need replacing. One

Dealer Diary: On Their Minds

On Their Minds For the past two years, Tire Review has brought you Dealer Diary, a monthly series that focuses on typical tire dealers and the ins and outs of their businesses.Both Dave Schardt, president of The Wheel Source in Dayton, Ohio, and Barry Steinberg, owner of Direct Tire and Auto Service in Boston, have