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More Than Just Tires: Vehicle Maintenance Jobs Performed Annually

How many routine maintenance jobs do tire dealerships across America do in a year? Find out!

The Time Is Now: The Need for More Luxury Crossover SUV Tires

There is a growing section of the CUV market that is largely unrepresented in the replacement tire market – the luxury performance CUV.

TPMS and Off-Road Enthusiasts: Take the Pressure Off Your Next Rough Terrain Experience

Manufacturers, like Jeep, are coming out with solutions catered to off-road enthusiasts and their tire pressure woes to improve the off-road experience.

A Closer Look at Tire Technology for Better Job Site Safety

The efficiency of an entire construction project schedule relies on the ability of heavy vehicles and off-the-road equipment.

Construction Tire Trends: Shifts Impacting Tire Dealers Today & Tomorrow

How does a construction tire dealer adapt to rapid industry changes? We spoke with tire manufacturers and other industry experts to detail the trends in the construction industry and how they’ll shake out for tire dealers in the future.

Hung Up On Price? How to Focus on the Real Problem at Hand

Having spent the last few years listening to hundreds of thousands of inbound sales calls, I can offer one great piece of free advice: Don’t continue to get hung up on the price.

When Employees Review the Boss

It can be challenging enough when customers get to review the service they receive from your store, but when the employees get in on the act, it can be a bit too much. Perhaps, however, it can be your ticket to lower turnover, happier customers and more business.

Create a Healthy Work Environment in Your Tire Dealership

We spend one-third of our lives at work, where we frequently face physical and mental stress or anxiety. As an employer, take a look at how you can promote a healthy workplace environment.

Editor’s Notebook: Passion Powers Performance

You may have noticed something different this month – the new face. I’d like to introduce myself as the new editor of Tire Review magazine.

Checking for Runout After Installing Any Rotor is Your Defense Against Comebacks

Many techs believe that installing new pads and rotors is the solution to brake noise and vibration and that installing new parts makes everything perfectly aligned so that no other steps are needed to bring the system back to service. Well, this is true and false.

Top Tips for Selling All-Season Tires

There is so much to consider when purchasing tires, especially the all-season variety that many keep on their car year-round.

Proud to be an Independent Tire Dealer: Kevin and Sarah Bickford, Fox River Tire & Auto

Thirty years in the tire business has not only taught Kevin Bickford the inner workings of a shop, it also helped him learn what type of boss he’d like to be and the type of shop he’d like to create — one with values of honesty, reliability, integrity, teamwork and professionalism.