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A Closer Look at Tire Technology for Better Job Site Safety

The efficiency of an entire construction project schedule relies on the ability of heavy vehicles and off-the-road equipment.


The efficiency of an entire construction project schedule relies on the ability of heavy vehicles and off-the-road equipment. They move, haul, lift and drag materials and eliminate job site debris. But big machines are only as effective as the wheels they’re riding on – and savvy tire dealers can help their construction industry clients maximize efficiency when they recommend the right tire choices for the job.

Tire care is truly synonymous with vehicle safety, and there are many options on the market today. Traditional tire options like solid-rubber tires with apertures are composed of stable material, which supports a long lifecycle, but they can be expensive and limited in size availability, tread patterns and durometers. Pneumatic tires offer various cost advantages and a comfortable “air-like” ride but are highly vulnerable to typical job site debris and can easily go flat. Another popular technology choice is polyurethane-filled tires, commonly referred to in the industry as “foam fill.” 

“Foam fill” is a flat-proofing solution that delivers a polyurethane formulation that can be pumped into any pneumatic tire through the valve stem to replace air. It cures into a solid elastomer material that eliminates flat tires. Tire fill helps to keep tires from going flat on the job site and stay in action longer. A solution for tire dealers and job sites, this technology allows OTR vehicles to glide over sharp rocks, glass, nails, screws, rebar and discarded tools – without incident.

There are a variety of sealant and conditioning formulations also on the market that will help reduce operating costs. A wheel conditioner or rim protectant treats tire rims to ward off unwanted rust and corrosion. This makes tire dismounting easier. Sealants can protect tires against flats due to punctures upward of 1/2-in. 

– Mike Arnold, vice president and general manager, Accella Tire Fill Systems

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