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Ultimate Head Rush

Barely blinking and mouths agape, we watched silently as the cars rolled out into the cool morning air. And when the first one screamed to life, the sound waves thumped our chests as a not-so-subtle reminder of what was still ahead. Dry-mouthed, we all swallowed in unison. Being a Sunday morning, it seemed appropriate to

Taking Your Pulse: There’s More to Being Financially Healthy Than a Strong Bottom Line

Bottom line got you down? Well, start looking up. When reviewing financial statements, the eyes of most independent tire dealers go straight to the bottom line, says Jack Phillips, vice president of credit and financial services for American Tire Distributors in Charlotte, N.C. And that’s a big mistake. Why? Because looking only at the bottom

Futuristic Fleets

Radial truck tires have come a long way in the last several decades. Initial tread mileage, resistance to irregular wear, fuel efficiency and casing durability/retreadability are some of the major areas of advancement. Over the long haul, gains in tire technology are impressive, but progress is historically slow and methodical, evolutionary in nature and not

Marketing Wheels

Over the last several months, you’ve learned a great deal about new products. That’s good, but if you don’t have the right product or, worse, too much of the wrong product, you can’t close a deal. Now, it’s time to develop your business and selling skills. In this first of a two-part segment, we’ll discuss

Staying Out of the Courtroom: Is Being Sued Inevitable? Maybe. Here’s What You Should Know If the Gavel Drops

“See You in Court.” Today, that’s just a fancy way of saying, “Goodbye.” Unfortunately, that’s often the harsh truth when your employees, your customers or government agencies utter that short but terrifying sentence. So, how can you stay out of court? And, how do you keep from panicking if and when someone says those ominous

Get Hitched!: Selling Specialized Trailer and RV Tires Easy Money for Dealers

Trailers and RVs are hot right now, and selling specialized tires for them can mean easy money for dealers Rick Coffey is feeling pretty good these days. As product manager for the high-speed division of Carlisle Tire and Wheel Co., which offers trailer tires, Coffey has watched his sales skyrocket. All high-speed tire plants are

Tires and Towing: Before Your Customers Hitch Up, Check Weights, Load Capacities

Are your customers trailering boats, cars, horses or campers this season? They are? Well, are they checking the lug nuts on their trailers on a regular basis? Do they know how much air pressure their towing vehicle tires need? The most likely answer: an emphatic “No.” You are the one these people should be talking

Tuning In: How a Pennsylvania Dealer Tapped into a Growing Market

You wouldn’t expect the northeast quadrant of Pennsylvania to be a high performance hotbed. Four-wheel drive pickups and SUVs would be more like it. But from Scranton and Wilkes-Barre south to Allentown and Harrisburg, the high performance market did grow, aided by the emerging tuner segment and the proliferation of high-end sports cars. Well-heeled customers