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Raw (Materials) Deal: Strapped By Rising Costs, Tiremakers Look at Fresh Alternatives

The volatility of the world’s political climate, the unpredictable weather in North America and El NiÑo in the Pacific Ocean are having very expected outcomes in terms of the cost of raw materials for the tire industry. Oh yes, and then there’s China. The economy of the world’s most-populous country continues to grow faster than

A Challenge for You: Tread Depth Rule Interest Grows, But Dealers Can Lead the Charge

Talk about your groundswell of support! Since my column urging the industry to push for a national tread depth law – 4/32nds deep for cars and 5/32nds for Class 3 and larger trucks – I’ve heard from a couple of state associations, a number of dealers and TIA Executive Vice President Roy Littlefield, all of

No Boundaries?: Blurred Lines a Challenge, But Dealers Can Still Make Hay With Lawn & Garden Tires

It used to be a no-brainer: Specialized tires have specialized buyers. While that mantra still holds true in some tire segments, for lawn and garden tires, lines that were clearly observable in the past are starting to blur. Boundaries are fading, and the market is fast becoming more complex. And, we’re not just talking about

Speeding Away?: Technology, Practicality Moving Us Closer to Fewer Ratings

For too many years, we’ve been explaining to our customers why they need speed-rated tires. It’s the right choice, for example, if the vehicle came OE with a V-rated UHP radial. To make that rating, the tire must be able to run at sustained speeds of up to 149 mph. “But I don’t drive 149

Real Big Toys: Big Trucks Offer Opportunities for Big Suspension, Tire Upgrades

Following up on last month’s subject of new products for cars, we’re tackling the truck market this month. Let’s face it: Some Americans are always going to want a big truck, or bigger than they had last year or one with diesel power. That being said, I’ve tracked down a few new products to help