February, 2003 Archives - Tire Review Magazine
The Teeter-Totter

The earth stopped rotating on its axis Jan. 22. Time stood still. Sub-zero Ohio went sub-tropical. Animals spoke. Athletes rejected gazillion dollar contracts. Tiremakers turned away mass merchants. In an unbelievably lucid legal moment, a judge threw out a frivolous lawsuit that claimed McDonald’s food caused health problems in two well-overweight New York girls. U.S.

Sensible Safety

For most in the commercial trucking business, the first couple months of the year are typically less hectic than several of the preceding months and, therefore, is a good time for reflection. The old saying "made it through another one" begins to evolve from a trite expression to an air of determination, resolve and grit.

Reinventing the Wheel

Companies on the leading edge of the wheel industry are always taking chances and coming up with hot new ideas. This month, we’ll take a closer look at what is arguably one of the hottest design concepts since the invention of the wheel itself. I’m talking about the various types of free-spinning or constant-motion wheels

Cutting the Tape: What the TREAD Act Means to You … Today

What the TREAD Act Means to You … Today   Elected officials love to jump on consumer safety issues. It’s the best job security strategy around. In November 2000, that’s precisely what Congress did when the Firestone recall and Ford Explorer debacle gave them the motive and opportunity to create and pass into law a

The Other Side

Looking at Jobber Relationship Problems Could Provide Answers We receive many comments from tire dealers regarding their relationships with suppliers – tire companies, wholesalers and parts jobbers alike. Recently, Gary Goms, owner of Midland Engine Electronics & Diagnostics in Buena Vista, Colo., and a contributing writer for our sister magazine, Counterman, discussed such relationship problems

Making It Stick: Getting the Patch to Stick is What Tire Repair is All About

People who insist on using the correct terminology for everything will probably not approve of the subtitle I’ve chosen. They would prefer something more proper like, “Achieving Repair Unit Vulcanization.” Many of them might admit that both titles send the same message, but they just can’t bring themselves to say the words “patch” and “stick”

Time To Grow: New Home, New Products, New Focus Mannino Says Now is The Time

A year ago this month, Gaetano "Guy" Mannino, 45, became president and CEO of Pirelli Tire North America, and in a whirlwind 12 months he has reshaped Pirelli’s presence in North America. New headquarters and automated manufacturing in Rome, Ga., have given PTNA a fresh start. The end of its alliance with Cooper gave it