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While Rome Burns

Last spring, an independent analysis of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)data confirmed the obvious – the U.S. road system was in bad need of repair. Anyone driving the highways and byways can tell our infrastructure is structurally unsound. But, what would high-priced researchers do if they weren’t masters of the obvious? Regardless, nonprofit The Road Information

Harvest Time?: Ag Tire Dealers Need to Act Quickly Before Another Drought Comes

, ag tire dealers hurt. The market for ag tires depends directly on the strength of the larger agricultural economy, which, to say the least, has not been favorable. Continuing farm consolidations, more imports and fewer exports combined with steadily declining crop prices have hurt the farm economy. As if these conditions weren’t enough, farmers

Does It Rate?: Do We Really Need Tires That Can Do 186 MPH?

There are tire engineers out there who don’t much give a hoot about tire speed ratings. “It®™s not even a government regulation,” says one. ®There is no government test for speed ratings. The only speed-related test is euphemistically called a ‘temperature resistance test,®™ and it’s built around the ability of a tire to disperse heat

Bland to Brilliant: Wheel Plating

Have you ever wondered how a wheel gets chrome plated? You just “dip” a dull wheelinto a big vat of chrome, and it comes out shiny and new, right? Well, not really.On the contrary, there are vastly different chrome plating processes – a mixture of hard science and a little voodoo ®“ and each presents

Hidden Heat Dangers

Even the most diligent technicians can be misled if component performance has been compromised by problems that are not culled out by normal inspections, not visually apparent or so rare that the offending condition is a first-time experience for the technician. Carefully inspecting used truck parts before placing them back into service is always good