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The Great Questions of Life

Sometimes I swear I have the best job in the world. At least in the tire world.I can sit and watch the industry press forward in a seemingly endless cycle of inventing, consolidating, buying, selling, creating, synergizing, negotiating, assimilating, downsizing, upsizing, enhancing and rationalizing.And I never get blamed for anything, never get hit by the

Off-the-Road Tires: When AND Why

How many of us have gone to a business meeting or social gathering only to discover that everyone else was dressed similar to one another, but very different than we had chosen? This could result from not reading dress guidelines on the invitation, not knowing established practices, or simply not paying attention to the circumstances.If

OTR Tire Market: Fewer Customers, Bigger Trucks Challenge Even the Best Dealers

OTR Tire Market Fewer Customers, Bigger Trucks Challenge Even the Best Dealers It is by far the most volatile and unpredictable tire segment, operating at a rhythm and pace often well removed from prevailing general economic conditions. With the wide variety of applications and monstrously large equipment getting even bigger, the OTR equipment tire segment

A Tire Is Not a Tire: Measurable Goals, Customer Participation Key to Fleet Test Success

s with a “seeing-is-believing” attitude toward tire and equipment purchasing.Such tests also allow dealers to build stronger working relationships with key accounts by demonstrating another  way they can provide increased value and service. Have the End in Mind When setting up or proposing an OTR fleet test, the first step is to clearly define your

Bang The Drum Loudly: To Stay in the OTR Tire Game, Dealers Need to Sell Themselves

Bang The Drum – Loudly To Stay in the OTR Tire Game, Dealers Need to Sell Themselves A few years ago, a construction fleet manager told a group of Bridgestone/Firestone Off Road Tire Co. (BFOR) dealers that he didn’t feel dealers added any value to his operation. The manager, speaking at BFOR’s dealer meeting at

Moving Day

This is the 11th – and final – installment of Tire Review’s Dealer Diary, a year-long series showcasing a typical tire dealer, his business, how he runs it, the many issues he deals with, and his thoughts on the industry in general. This year, our Dealer Diary series, written by Managing Editor Craig Gifford, featured

The Survey Says: Inaugural OTR Tire Dealer Study Results Are In

erground mining tire sales, and 23.8% of grader tire sales.Some of them reported 100% of sales in a certain category were of a single construction – bias. All scraper tires sold were bias for 19% of respondents, all loader tires were bias for 22%, all underground tires were of this construction for 54% of dealers