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Danny Smith: Same Day Tire and Auto Repair Tire Pros

That jolt you feel when the roller coaster car is peaking over the first big drop isn’t the only side effect of adrenaline. Same Day Tire and Auto Repair Tire Pros owner Daniel “Danny” Smith let his adrenaline-filled love of racing drive him right into the tire industry.

Finding the Leak

You’re pretty sure your customer’s vehicle has a leak, but what’s the best way to find it? When the source of a leak isn’t obvious, leak detection can be one of the most frustrating automotive service challenges. However, with the proper tools and equipment, a fast, safe and reliable diagnosis and location identification of the leak can bring about a profitable repair and a satisfied customer.

Forestry Industry Remains Hopeful New Administration will Positively Impact Logging

Like the loggers who work in the woods, the forestry industry somehow bounces back. Cyclical in nature, the industry faces ups and downs based on the economy and weather.

As quotas fluctuate, machines either sit idle or run full throttle. This can lead to varying tire demand year-over-year. Tire dealers who service this niche segment must learn to ride out the good and the bad alongside their forestry customers.

Creating Leaders from Within

All successful companies need a leader who has a vision of the future, clearly defined long-term goals and a deep appreciation for people. Those leaders also need the ability to bring out the best in others. This includes a deep-rooted commitment to ethics and the ability to withstand and rise above the challenges, cutting a clear path to the opportunities they bring.

How to Save Your Company Money

While every company would prefer to not get sued, chances are it will happen. So, if you’re interested in learning about some common issues with fairly simple solutions that could save your company thousands (or millions) of dollars if you are sued, please, read on.

The Power of Gratitude

Tire dealers often say their business would fail without their employees. But do their employees know that? Sometimes owners and managers think they are communicating appreciation to their staff, but the sentiment may be falling short.

Staying Safe At Work

Well-run tire dealerships all have one basic thing in common: workplace safety as a foundation. Unsafe working conditions are likely one of the top preventable issues that can cost a shop such a significant amount of time and money – or worse, injury or death.

How to Craft and Use Case Studies to Share Customer Stories in Your Marketing

As more information and ideas become available on how to improve marketing and grow your business, a blurring of strategies is also taking place. Techniques once exclusively considered business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) are blending, as are shifts in consumer expectations and buying habits. With that, let’s explore a traditional B2B marketing tool that might be easily adapted for use by B2C tire dealers: the case study.

The Squirrel, the Grasshopper and the Tire Dealer

Have you ever heard the story of the squirrel and the grasshopper?
The squirrel works hard all summer long in the sweltering heat, building and improving his house, gathering nuts and supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks the squirrel is a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away. When the winter comes, the squirrel is warm and has plenty to eat. The shivering grasshopper has neither food nor shelter; he eventually dies out in the cold.

Millennials in the Tire Industry From a Millennial

I go to quite a few tire industry conferences, trade shows and training events each year. Inevitably, there’s a session about working with millennials in the workplace (or how to deal with millennials) and it’s led by someone who’s about my dad’s age. It’s not a knock on my dad or his generation. Far from it. My dad is the reason I chose a career in the tire industry. But I’m tired of people talking about millennials who aren’t millennials themselves.

A Conversation with BKT’s Mehta

Tire Review talks with Minoo Mehta, president of BKT USA Inc., about the direction of the company and ag industry trends.

The Busy Trap: Breaking the Cycle of Not Enough Time

I don’t really have time to write this column. And you’re probably too busy to read it.