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Power Tool Institute Launches New Training Module

The Power Tool Institute (PTI), a provider of power tool safety resources, information and education, has announced the launch of its new online training module, “Power Tool Safety –­ It’s in Your Hands.”

Pwer Tool Institute training safety
Car Keys Express Releases Universal Aftermarket General Motors Flip Key

The universal General Motors flip key has the same functions as the vehicle’s original equipment, such as locking and unlocking doors, panic, opening the truck and remote start.

Car Keys Express logo
The Advantages of Roadside Service Trucks for Tire Dealers

Dealers and industry professionals help you sort out the basics of how mobile service units can fit into your business.

Mobile roadside tire repair unit
Bosch Sponsors Diesel Exhaust After-Treatment Training

Robert Bosch LLC is sponsoring an online training on Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment, hosted by Michael Oliveros, president of Williams Diesel Service in Ocala, Florida. 

Bosch online diesel exhaust training
TireStamp Launches TireVigil Cloud TPMS Equipment Monitoring Feature

TireVigil Cloud’s TPMS 2.0 service monitors each hardware component’s health and detects problems with tire sensors, external TPMS receivers and in-cab electronic equipment.

Servicing Wheel Bearings and Wheel Speed Sensors

In the past decade, wheel speed sensors have been moving from differentials, axles and knuckles to inside or on the wheel bearing or hub unit, where the sensors are more accurate and protected from the elements.

Robbins LLC Introduces Accu-Fit Sealing Ring System

The new patent-pending sealing rings bring a number of features to the envelope sealing ring market to help ease the burden on retread plants worldwide.

Robbins Accu-Fit Sealing Ring System
Bridgestone Launches New Retail Showroom Program for Tire Dealers

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is introducing a new Retail Showroom Program to help affiliated tire dealers grow sales and build customer loyalty through an improved in-store shopping experience. Specially designed by experts in retail science, the new program is designed to create a more customer-centric environment and accommodate a wide range of showroom sizes and layouts.

TPMS Service: Differences Between ‘Good Enough’ and Quality TPMS Solutions

Just turning off the TPMS light off sending the customer home isn’t enough to ensure a customer’s TPMS issue is solved safely.

Solving TPMs issues light
Counterfeit Lift Inspection Labels Found In NYC And Long Island

Counterfeit lift inspection labels have been found in New York City and Long Island with records going back to at least 2016.

counterfeit lift inspection new york
Mahle Introduces 10-Ton Wheel Lift

MAHLE Service Solutions has introduced its ShopPRO CWL-10, an air-operated, midrise 10-ton commercial wheel lift that provides a shop with flexibility and quick access to major components on all types of vehicles.

MAHLE ShopPRO 10-Ton Wheel Lift
CEMB Gives Recommendations On How To Sell Wheel Alignment Service

A few pointers on how successful shops increase alignment sales and provide the best possible service to their customers to maximize profitability.

CEMB wheel balancing tips