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Selling Safety: Security, Fuel Economy Benefits May Help Consumers Understand TPMS

There’s an old television commercial that starts: “How do you spell relief?” Thinking about tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) instead of stomachs, a tire dealer might ask himself or herself: “How do I spell opportunity?” Try S-A-F-E-T-Y! That’s some of the philosophy being used as a selling tool for TPMS by Mountain View Tire and

Public Service: Educating Consumers About TPMS is the Biggest Challenge

Com·mu·ni·ca·tion 1. The exchange of information between individuals, for example, by means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs or behavior Bart Cavin is general manager of Ken’s Service Center’s three stores in two suburbs southwest of Baltimore – Columbia and Hanover. Combined, they provide tires and service in 26 bays at

Uncharted Waters: Navigating Through Confusing World of TPMS Starts with Awareness

Editor’s Note: This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of articles designed to help you better help navigate the new world of TPMS-equipped vehicles. With your help and input, we will share timely tips, techniques and case studies and serve as a clearinghouse for this vital information. Your personal experiences in

Looming Mandate: Without Help, Dealers Face Dark Future. How Will You Cope?

To many in the tire industry, TPMS is a four-letter acronym that is quickly becoming a four-letter word. That goes for retail dealers and, soon, consumers alike. But these people are only considering the hassles involved with servicing tire/wheel assemblies featuring these gizmos. Look a little deeper, and you’ll see the potential for independent tire

Tire Storage; Tire Repair

  Tire Storage Racks Save Space, Time, Money and Backs Tires in winter storage or new tires waiting to be mounted ought to be easy to find and stored safely in a tire storage system. And don’t take the naysayers seriously. Some tire rack makers advise against horizontal storage, others against vertical storage. Actually, both

Ready for TPMS?: Final Rulemaking Will Happen Soon, and it Pays to Be Ready

Before the end of the decade, every vehicle you work on will be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Right now, every OEM in Detroit is putting a TPMS on at least one car line, and import models will also be suitably equipped. As much as the tire industry really didn’t like NHTSA’s

Uplifting Profits

With the Right Approach, Lifts Can Be More Than Just a Capital Expense The right lift can make all the difference in your shop. Just having one can increase profits. If you’ve got the right lift for the service work you do, however, your profits could be even better. I once worked in a shop

Sensing Alternatives

Remember the near-daily news stories about tire-related SUV accidents? And all the finger pointing that tried to pin the cause on the tires or vehicles or, in some cases, even driver error? Well, the dust has settled and the wheels (no pun intended) of the government fix-it-meisters have been turning. The TREAD Act was enacted

Capitalizing on TPMS

Looking for ways to pump up winter tire and wheel sales? How about selling tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)? There are several designs now on the market, or about to be introduced, that offer a tremendous opportunity for dealers to make a good profit. Whether you’re ready or not, you will have to be prepared

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: How They’ll Work and What They Mean to You

Maintaining the proper inflation in tires is a subject that is as old as tires themselves. This issue has been likened to keeping the right amount of oil in the car’s crankcase – don’t do it and the engine will fail. The good news is that air doesn’t need to be changed periodically – though