Steve Schroeder, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Tire Industry Insights: Have You Been Asked to Sell Your Tire Shop?

Over the years, increasing numbers of tire and service retailers have been approached about selling their businesses. But just how many?

asked to sell your business tire shop
Why Some Car Service Jobs May Keep Tire Dealers From Bigger Profits

Car counts keep your bays full, but does that alone pay the bills?

Oil change service tire dealers
Do Customers Ask About Speed and Load Ratings at Your Shop?

We asked tire dealers how often consumers ask them about load index and speed ratings when buying tire.

The Number of Employees per Location

Staffing at each of your locations is critical to your bottom line, often dictating your profit or loss.

The Most Common Business Activities of Tire Dealers

We recently surveyed tire and service business owners and asked what business activities they conducted on a regular basis.